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Monday, June 29, 2015

Apple Music Launches June 30th: How To Tune In

Taylor Swift made history this past week.  Single handedly, she changed the music industry by calling out Apple Music, pressuring the music giant to rightfully pay for the music it will offer during its trial subscription of the service.  Little did Swift know, this controversy has been the most fairytale-esque PR nightmare Apple has ever seen.  By now, you have heard of this hyped streaming service...but how do you tune in?

Apple Music is set to make its worldwide debut tomorrow, June 30th, at 11AM ET/8AM PT on every Apple device around the globe.  Not only does the service give Apple users access to over 30 million songs in the iTunes catalog, the service has an exclusive 24/7 radio station, Beats 1.

The new streaming service will launch as an update for iPhones and iPads, as part of Apple's iOS 8.4, which will be available for download tomorrow.  Before you have to subscribe to the service, Apple is giving users a free three-month trial.  Following the trial subscription, membership is available for individual users, at $9.99 a month, as well as family plans, which cover six individuals, at $14.99 a month.  

Apple Music's Beats 1 radio will officially emit its never-ending airwaves exactly one hour post Apple Music launch at 12PM ET/9AM PT.  As long as you have an Apple ID, the station is free to tune in. The global radio station will feature DJs in major U.S. cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, as well as across the pond in London, UK.

Forget about Facebook and Twitter, Apple Music has integrated its own social media platform into the service, termed Connect.  Connect will allow artists to share exclusive content, such as notes, photos, and videos, directly with fans in a way that differs from the social media norm.  

As a purchaser of physical music (yes, I still am obsessed with physical CDs), I am equal parts anxious and excited for how Apple Music will impact the battleground of the music industry.  I definitely will be updating my phone ASAP, will you?

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