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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Give Me Back My Hometown"

Happy 2014, SongBirds!  
This year is off to a crazy start and I know there are some magical things in store.  
This year is and will definitely be blog-worthy, in my life and musically. 

Now, I will be the first to admit...I am not the biggest Eric Church fan.  However, I am totally having a change of heart, and I know you will too.  This song restores my tested faith in Country Music.

I am over society's judgmental views of country music.  This song shatters those criticisms.  To the untrained ear, country music no longer sounds 'country' any more, and it doesn't have to!  From the structure, instrumentation, and choice of words, this song is propelling our genre into a new chapter.

Can I just talk about how brilliant these words are?  Like come on.  "All the colors of my youth/The red, the green, the hope, the truth/Are beatin’ me black and blue cause you’re in every scene"  The. Best.  My songwriting head is exploding, absolutely brilliant.  

This. Is. Country. Music.  

FM Radio:
Singer: Eric Church
Songwriters: Eric Church/Luke Laird
Song: "Give Me Back My Hometown"
Buy it here: iTunes

Damn, I used to love this view
Sit here and drink a few
Main street and the high school lit up on Friday night
Down there it’s another touchdown
Man, this year’s team is stout I can hear them goin’ crazy
And up here so am I

Thinkin’ about you sittin’ there sayin’ I hate this, I hate it
If you couldn’t stand livin’ here why’d you take it, take it

Give me back my hometown
‘Cause this is my hometown

All the colors of my youth
The red, the green, the hope, the truth
Are beatin’ me black and blue cause you’re in every scene
My friends try to cheer me up get together at the Pizza Hut
I didn’t have the heart to tell them that was our place
These sleepy streetlights on every sidewalk side street
Shed a light on everything that used to be

Give me back my hometown
‘Cause this is my hometown

You can have my grandma’s locket
The knife out of my grandpa’s pocket
Yeah my state champion jacket
I don’t care you can have it
 Every made memory
Every picture, every broken dream
Yeah everything, everything, everything

Give me back my hometown
‘Cause this is my hometown