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Monday, August 26, 2013

"Slow Me Down"

I know it's been a while since I've shared what I'm listening to, but there's a few changes coming to SongBird that are definitely worth the wait...stay tuned. 

So excited for new Sara Evans.  I am loving how social networking has the ability to bring you new music.  As with this song, it was one of those, retweet & share, complete part of the puzzle-type marketing brilliance.  And let me say, it was definitely worth waiting for.  This song is fantastic.

I tend to gravitate more towards ballads because of the raw story-telling, vulnerability that comes with 3:50 and a slower tempo.  With that said, you know an up-tempo song is good when I'm chasing after it.  First, as soon as I saw this title, I had to hear it ASAP.  I've had this title saved in my phone forever!  Never quite knew which story route to take with it...Well, I guess that can get deleted because this song says exactly what I wished I could've put into that title.  You know an amazing ballad writer...a la Heather Morgan had to be a factor in this gem.  Such depth in these simple lyrics, "If there's something you still need to say, you need to say it now.  Hurry up and slow me down."  I'm such a wordie that it's kind of weird.  But, I love the contrast in the hook, ahh.  Anyways, this is such a different sound for Sara.  This is modern, fresh, and propelling, yet, at the same time, the production reminds me of great 70's records.   
 FM Radio:
Songwriters: Marv Green, Jimmy Rabbins, Heather Morgan
Singer: Sara Evans
Song: "Slow Me Down"