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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tim Chaisson "Animal" - 'SongBird Find' 4-14-15

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If you've been listening to The SongBird Project on the WPNR airwaves, you've noticed my 'SongBird Finds,' in which I spotlight an artist per show.  At WPNR, we get a LOT of music submissions.  Every once in a while, an album will come across my desk that just stops me in my tracks.  I introduced an artist a few shows back and have gotten a great response to debuting his music on our airwaves - Tim Chaisson is an awesome Canadian artist that is bound to make a Nashville name for himself.  While listening to his eclectic album, which can be classified as Country/Alternative/Pop/It-Doesn't-Matter-Because-It's-That-Good, I stumbled across a few tracks that are just incredible.  The emotional, vulnerable, and in-your-face honest tune, "Animal" is a unique concept and reminiscent of how emotionally heavy tracks hallmark careers and propel some artists to new heights.  If I could place a bet on Tim Chaisson, this song could put him at the forefront of the Nashville scene.  Be sure to pick up a copy on iTunes and check out the video below.
Key Tracks:  "Crushed", "I Can't Live Without You", "Animal", "All Those Words"      

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