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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Home To Me"

As a songwriter, I think for the past 4 years I've had the title "Home To Me" in my iPhone notes, and all songwriting notebooks and old documents that I haven't gotten to.  I've always been drawn to the idea that wherever life's journey takes you, you will always find a 'home.'  And to me, I loved the idea that regardless of where you go, the person who you share it with will become your 'home'.  Well, I now know why I could never formulate that into a song...because this song seriously got to me!  For me, this was one of those songs that you hear the tail end of when you're changing stations, Sirius XM's The Highway.  Anyways, then I heard it again (& at least once daily) on The Highway from the Nashville Let Freedom Sing 4th of July event that featured Sarah Darling, Music City Hitmakers, Craig Morgan, etc.  Anyways, I was blown away!  Love, Love, Love!  To make this even better, I randomly checked Soundcloud one day (best thing ever) and found one of my songwriting idols, Caitlyn Smith uploaded her demo to this song!  I seriously abused google, BMI, and ASCAP's search engines to find out who was brilliant enough to write this song.  Well, here it was right in front of me and suddenly, it all made sense.  Of couse Caitlyn Smith wrote this song, who else would?  Check out another song that I love of hers "Map Of The World"http://youtu.be/-vqvZsKMnfk  This girl is ahhmazing.  Love.

Really concentrate on these lyrics.  Every word falls exactly where it is supposed to in this song.  Not one line, or word for that matter, seems like a filler or something that these just incredible songwriters - Caitlyn Smith (one of my all time favs) & Bobby Hamrick didn't experience...and to me, that is what makes an incredible song.  This chorus, come on, does it get any better?  Every syllable is perfect.
This song has every part to it that makes a hit song, cannot wait for this song to go to the top!  And even better, TODAY this song just became available on iTunes.
I bought it today, you should too.  Click here to purchase on iTunes
Hear the demo here: Home To Me

FM Radio:
Singer: Sarah Darling
Songwriters: Caitlyn Smith, Bobby Hamrick
Song: "Home To Me"

You look like Georgia on a cool summer day. 
Your smile hits me like a breeze blowin’ off the lake. 
You talk like Kansas 
You can see to the horizon 
There’s no place for words to hide 
‘Cause you mean what you say 

Got a heart like Indiana 
Laugh like Louisiana 
Take me down to Alabama 
Show me some of that laid back vibe 
Kissin’ while we’re fishin’ in the moonlight 
Shine like California 
High like an Arizona noontime 
Baby when you’re all mine 
Anywhere, any place I go 
You feel like home to me 
You feel like home to me 

Love’s taken me across the map
All the way to hell and back
Gave everything I had and I 
Lost my mind a couple times 
Met you and I was sure 
I found the center of the universe 
Hit the interstate fast and Now I’m never looking back, 
no Lookin’ back, lookin’ back oh no. 


You feel like home 


You feel like home 
You feel like home to me

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