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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CMT Unplugged

The second I see the word 'unplugged,' I automatically think of Mariah Carey's epic, life-changing MTV Unplugged special and EP that trademarked my childhood.  Although it was released the year of my birth, Mariah Carey changed my brother, my cousin and my life.  Seriously, there aren't enough blogs to release my musical childhood!

So, when I heard Martina McBride was doing an 'Unplugged' special, my heart raced and I felt like the Mariah days were back...except it clicked that it was 2011 and apparently a tv doesn't exist anymore, and now CMT has an online Unplugged series.  In my opinion, it takes away that nostalgic excitement of watching it on TV...but tonight it really didn't matter.  I'm sure my wonderful neighbors and all of our street heard me...I couldn't contain myself.  I had my doubts with "Teenage Daughters," that obviously Hillary Lindsey did NOT write, but let me reassure you Martina McBride is BACK!!!!  She is back and more classy, flawless and powerful than ever!  AND she has recorded some of the most well-written songs that will evolve the foundation of country music.  Her album will be incredible and (I hope) highly awarded!  She deserves it!  Well, I think everyone should do themselves a favor and lose yourself in this unbelievable CMT Unplugged!!!!!  THIS. IS. MUSIC.

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