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Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Church Clothes"

Credit: Kelleigh Bannen

Regardless of the words I write on this little blog, I don't think anything can do justice to the sound Kelleigh Bannen's voice.  I've seen more singers than I can remember live, and I've never heard a voice like this.  Her tone is so unique that their is no one is comparison.  As the opening act for Luke Bryan, Kelliegh had the audience in the palm of her hand.  I need at least 100 songs of her on my iPod, now.  Oh and on top of that voice, she is also an incredible songwriter in her own right.  I've been fascinated with this girl ever since I discovered her last year - "Why Now Why"  

Inevitably, I've followed everything she's ever done.  So to see her live...oh & meet her...beyond words, one of the best nights, ever.  This was by no means an "opening act."  As a singer/songwriter, watching Kelleigh's set was literally like seeing a little ray of God.  I feel nothing but inspired and know that my life will never be complete unless I can affect someone the way she touched me that night.  I feel ready to take on the world.

Every so often a song comes along that takes the breath out of you; this was that song for me.  This song speaks for itself but of course that will not stop me.  I have been singing this song ever since I heard the Opry performance, ahhmazing.  The verses hesitate in a way that makes the story come more to life.  The choruses have just a few simple lyric changes that propel the story yet relive the agonizing pain in this 'church' life.  In my opinion, it's the details like "curl in my hair," or "Slipped a five in the offering plate."  I can really lose my mind over this song.   The marriage of melody and lyrics in this song are the driving force for why I will spend forever trying to replicate the same.  Like they were just made for each other.  Although she didn't have a hand in writing this masterpiece of a song, her vulnerability makes her delivery feel as if she lived it.  Brilliant.  I promise you've never heard anything like this.  Country music needs Kelleigh Bannen.

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Singer: Kelleigh Bannen
Song: "Church Clothes"

A pressed shirt, you tuck it in
You tie your tie, and tie it again
I put a little curl in my hair
Pink on my cheeks barely there

A proper skirt, hits at the knee
A good sweater in winter green
You shake the keys, downstairs
I hit the lights not a minute to spare

Slipped a five in the bible for the offering plate
What a beautiful picture we both made

            You drive, I look out the window
            It’s not right but nobody said so
            We walk in and head to the same pew
            And hold hands, just like we’re supposed to
            But last night you slept on the sofa
            And these days I don’t even know ya 
            We fight like hell but nobody knows
            When we’re wearing our church clothes

We stand up we sing a hymn
We say a prayer for other friends
We’re turning to the book of John
I’m thinking how I can’t go on

But we smile and we give it our Sunday best
If we’re lost couldn’t tell by the way we dressed

            You drive, I look out the window
            It’s not right but nobody said so
            We walk in, I head to the bedroom
            But you don’t, you do what you want to
            Like last week when you packed a suitcase
            And came close to getting your own place
            Oh that’s the stuff nobody knows
            When we’re wearing our church clothes

Oh we don’t speak
Don’t touch as if nobody’s watching us
Lord knows we got it down
What would they say if we gave up

            You drive, I look out the window
            It’s not right but nobody said so
            We walk in like we’ve never been so close
            Miles apart but careful that it don’t show
            When we’re wearing our church clothes

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