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Thursday, May 10, 2012

"If You're Gonna Let Me Go"

I am officially one final away from summer...and catching up on a ton of posts!  Sorry I have been so far and few between!  It's amazing how I engulf myself in whatever I'm doing, or have to be doing at the moment, and with that said it is too easy to lose yourself in your work.
Tonight, I am falling back in love with music and rediscovering what I'm meant to do in the first place.
There is something so cathartic about sitting here, losing every part of yourself in a song and just knowing.  Music isn't something that can be glossy and polished, it is emotion at it's core.
Of course, I went looking for a something to inspire me to finish writing this unnecessarily high, red-dress, hardwood floor, Am7 big ballad I have had for months.  Well, instead, I started 2 brand new songs and listened a hundred times to 'uncut' Sarah Buxton songs.  She is the reason why the best in the business are behind the scenes.  Being in the spotlight makes 'artists' lose that rawness sometimes.  She is way too ridiculously good for that.  Dream co-write.  

This song is too powerful to write out the words.  You must put on headphones and close your eyes.  Trust me.  Although I have worn this video out months ago, every time I hear it, it feels like the first time. There's something about it.  Close your eyes and feel it.  (P.S. - If anyone has this demo, share?)

"If You're Gonna Let Me Go"

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