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Friday, March 16, 2012

"Some Say I'm Running"

You know those crazy, random moments when you are supposed to be concentrating on your Statistics homework and suddenly you belt out the bridge of an underrated song?  Well, I'm guilty.  God gave me the hint to write about this incredible song that I haven't heard probably in years that somehow just left my mouth.   The notes in the bridge are crazy as well as the woman in this song...should've said no.  I literally cut my teeth on her first 3 CDs, this was one of my favorites.
You must take a listen to the version she sang at her fanclub party a few years ago.  Unreal.

FM Radio:
Singer: Martina McBride
Songwriters: Michael W. Smith, Brent Bourgeois
Song: "Some Say I'm Running"

Here I go restless heart
Another lovely misadventure in the dark
All my friends who knew me when
Tell me not to wander down that road again
What they don't know what they can't see
It's being on that road that makes me free
Some say I'm running
I know I'm falling back to you

The water's deep under the bridge
As I pass by our old house upon the ridge
All our sins have washed away
Now all that's left are all the things we didn't say
Oh restless heart you beat so fast
While my mind is telling me that it won't last
Some say I'm running
I know I'm falling back to you

Against the odds I'll roll the dice
I guess my heart has won despite all good advice
So grab your things and come on in
And get to know your children once again
When does a fool stop being a fool?
And since when is love obliged to any rules?

Some say I'm running
I know I'm falling back to you

Let's learn to give let's talk things out
Let's give them someone else to talk about
Some say I'm running
But I know I'm falling back to you


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