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Friday, September 2, 2011

"21 Guns"

Today has not gone at all how I expected it, but for some reason this song feels right.  I have heard this song before, but it hasn't affected me like hearing it today.  If you've been reading the blog, you've read my post about Mallary Hope and how much I adore her.  Well, I have gained even more respect and idolization for her...I thought I already maximized it.

Although you read about it in the newspaper and see it on the news, unless you are connected to the ones protecting our country, you really don't have an in-depth realistic view-point of what is really going on.  However, with this flawless song, I feel connected.  Absolutely brilliant, I've never heard a more heartfelt, real war song.  This is emotion people!  "The cost of your freedom is the sound of 21 Guns." If this doesn't haunt you, nothing will.

And then keep watching...she sings "To Make You Feel My Love"!!  She needs to put this on her album & release it ASAP!!!  LOVE!

FM Radio:
Singer & Songwriter: Mallary Hope
Song: 21 Guns (Watch at 14:00)

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