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Saturday, August 13, 2011

"This Is Me"

Silence is the antithesis to my life.  Since I can remember I've always had a song in my head, constantly.  I know every 'music lover' says this, but honestly, music IS the soundtrack to my life.  I believe music can change your life...it's changed mine.  

I've always admired others who can crack themselves open and expose everything about themselves, whether that be in a book, a song, a blog...So the least to say is that I have been inspired.  I've never been an open book, but I guess I could try to be.  So to all the songs, songwriters, bloggers, Oprah, etc., this is for you.  You've taught me to not be afraid of who I am, what I believe in, or what kind of music I listen to.  ;)    

Every school report, that anyone grades or reads, gets criticism for being too wordy.  Well truth is, I love to write.  Even that is an understatement.  I'm constantly finding words that I hear people say that instantly sound like a song title.  Although I'll sometimes strive for the 'ideal' 3 minutes and 40 seconds, I want to lose and find myself in my words, my music, and in my songs.  I'm a songwriter, through and through, it's everything I am.  However, sometimes it gets hard to open a hidden heart.  So that is what this blog is for and what it's going to become.  A place to crack myself open and expose all I am.  

I love shedding light on things that remain unseen or unheard.  I am, self-professed, totally, utterly, obsessed, with discovering songs and songwriters.  So, since my life is chronicled through songs, and is practically a Lifetime movie in the making, as long as you are reading this, you are basically listening to my radio.  So at the end of every post will be a 'What's playing'....Listen!!  I like my music relatable, emotional and truthful.  Unfortunately, most music has now become any 'singer' that likes to have a backing of fake instruments and autotune.  Fortunately, there's one genre that doesn't tolerate that nonsense...country.  
So if I haven't made it clear....My name is Francesca and I love Country Music.     

Why SongBird? - Everyone is a work in progress, myself included.  In my eyes, music is empowering, it can give you wings.  Hopefully, one day, when these wings are ready to fly, I'll have a 'franchise' haha, that will be everything SongBird...SongBird Music, SongBird Bake Shoppe, etc.  So this blog is sort of a 'making of' myself with documentation = The SongBird Project.   

FM Radio
Song: "This Is Me"
Songwriters: Hillary Lindsey (You'll be seeing a LOT of her), Troy Verges
Singer: Faith Hill 

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