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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


As a promise to myself, The SongBird Project will be at least a 365 day blog.  I may not post every single day but by this time next year, I will guarantee there will be 365 posts!
Anyways, my reason for not posting yesterday is that I had the most traumatic experience of my life.  To spare the details, let me just say if I ever am able to get my voice back and sing like I used to, it will only be by the grace of God.  However, Music always saves me.  As I was going through the events of yesterday, all I had in my head was this song.  Besides the obvious title of this song, "Stronger," I believe a great song is marked by the ability to carry a message that can be applied to any situation.  If you remove the relationship context of this song, this song can apply to anything.  This chorus is incredible!!  Not to be totally corny, but once you cry it out and get the weight of your emotions off your chest you are then able to move forward and on to something greater than what had been.  To me, this song symbolizes allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to realize what you have to overcome to get to where you want to go.  You have to be weak to be strong. 

On a side note: I am probably the biggest Hillary Lindsey fan out there, but I saw her and a few other writers a few years ago at a CMA Songwriters Series in NYC and that night completely changed my life.  One of the songs Hillary sang that night was "Stronger," which is better than Faith's in my opinion, below is the video I took!

FM Radio:
Song: "Stronger"
Songwriters: Hillary Lindsey, Troy Verges
Singer: Faith Hill

This is the window to my heart
I just want us to be free
There ain't no freedom where we are
Ain't no wishes in these stars
Ain't no reasons to believe

But don't worry baby
Don't you worry
Maybe this is what we need
A little bruise and a little bleeding
Some space that we can breathe in
Some silence in between

So cry for me baby
And I'll cry for you
And we'll both break down and we'll both break through
We'll find our way you will face the truth
We both will be stronger
And we'll lie down in our loneliness
Wake up with our sad regrets
Even know we don't know it yet
We both will be stronger
We both will be stronger

I can't believe you're really gone now
But I know it's for the best
And I know that we weren't right
But I still reach for you each night
And man that hurts like hell
So baby
This is the window to my heart
I just want us to be free
Baby I'm sorry for the way things are
Goodbye is always hard
And we both will be stronger

Hear Hillary's version: (She looks at us around the 3:20 mark)

Hear Faith Hill's version: (3:11 is my favorite)

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