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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Anyway," "Broken Wing," & "Independence Day"

As you can see, sometimes I go through these spurts where I feel the need to show the world how much I love music, hence, the reason I created this blog.  Anyways, I couldn't just stop at one Martina McBride video.  The first one is M & Lauren Alaina performing at the CMA Fest, if that doesn't give you chills wait until the last note and standing ovation for "Broken Wing."  I was sitting here clapping at the Mac, so not pointless.  The next video is the incredibly humbling speech, which made me love her that much more, that M made after the whole stadium gave her a standing ovation.  

Watching these has made me realize that I don't care how far I ever get on this crazy journey to become one of the women of country music.  

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